6 Christmas Decor Ideas to Try on Your Home and Lawn this Season

So, now is a great time to start planning ahead to make sure you have everything you need to structure and carry out an effective maintenance schedule for your Trussville, AL lawn. Here’s what you need to know to create a fall schedule and get to work:

The growing season is starting to slow down

While we still see sunshine and rain throughout most of the fall and the temperatures stay warm enough to support most local plant growth through November, your grass isn’t going to grow as quickly in the fall as it did throughout the spring and summer months.

As a result, you’re likely going to need to Lawn Care Birmingham AL, which is good because there are other valuable lawn care tasks you can use that time to accomplish.

Your watering schedule should also begin to taper off as days get shorter and temperatures drop. With the first few months of fall also being prime time for tropical storms, it’s possible you won’t need to water much at all depending on how much rain the area receives.

Additionally, naturally slower growth in the fall is your lawn’s way of winding down for the winter when a healthy lawn goes dormant. So, it’s important not to artificially hinder or stop this process by over-fertilizing the grass in the fall. While it could help your grass maintain a bright green color through the holidays, you will likely regret it next spring when, instead of coming back to life, your lawn is brown, flat, or dead.


Focus on the soil

Since the grass is growing less, it gives you an opportunity to put some more focus on your lawn’s soil. This can be done in a few different ways:

  1. Stay vigilant against fungal outbreaks – The cool, wet conditions of the fall are optimal for some common species of lawn fungus (like Large Patch and Leaf Spot) to flourish and contact to your local Lawn Service Birmingham AL for better care at right time. Learn how to identify these lawn diseases before they get too strong a foothold in your lawn.
  2. Balance the soil’s pH – While maintaining a healthy soil pH balance is important year-round, fall is an especially good time to actively test and treat the soil because the dormant months ahead offer a chance for the soil to balance out fully and for dormant plant roots to fully absorb the resulting nutrients.
  3. Apply a “winterizer” – Lawn Care Birmingham AL professionals will often apply a treatment to the soil in the late fall to protect vulnerable plant roots. This treatment restores carbohydrates and grows the root system in preparation for surviving a potentially harsh winter.

Clean up fallen leaves

It’s commonly understood that fallen leaves provide a beneficial layer of insulation and source of nutrients for grass that can help your lawn survive the winter. While there’s some truth to that, it can be taken too far.

If your lawn includes a large number of deciduous trees and a thick blanket of dead leaves covers areas of the yard, it’s probably doing more harm than good. These thick layers of organic waste can effectively smother the grass and make it harder for the grass to prepare for winter dormancy, making it weaker in the spring.

Pine needles are more prevalent in the fall, and they make excellent mulch. Rake them up and use them in your vegetable garden, flower garden, and shrub beds.

Apply dormant oil

Dormant oil is a simple and effective way to protect plants from many common insects and diseases that will often attack during the dormant winter months when some of the plant’s natural defenses may be less effective. Therefore, it’s a perfect project for rounding out your lawn maintenance schedule late in the fall.

By applying a thin coating of dormant oil to trees and shrubs, you can manage scale, aphids, mites, and other soft-bodied insects that can do a lot of damage to these plants during the late fall and early winter. It can also cut down on powdery mildews and other diseases that aphids tend to spread.

While you’re likely to being mowing less, as you can see, there’s no shortage of activity required by your lawn in the cooler fall months. Most of our customers maintain professional lawn maintenance straight through the fall to be sure they’re their lawns will stay healthy, lush, and vibrant until natural winter dormancy, and bloom healthy again in the spring.

If you’d like to discuss having professionals maintain your Pensacola lawn care this fall, contact lawn pros today.


Top Snow Removal Tips for Homes & Driveways

We have moved from town to a rural area in a cold weather since two years ago and we have the serious winter experience to share with you here.

Even though our first winter was smooth and only had about a month of snow on the ground, and when heavy snow was started we had managed the low temperature in our inner-property and sustained our life smoothly for two months. We are pleased to report that we had enjoyed that snow season because of our good planning care and snow has not disturbed us.

Read this full article to know about our stunning experience.

Use a solid plow to clear the snow

In our first winter we did not have a snowplow or any other tool to remove the Snow and do the Lawn Care Birmingham AL, but somehow got lucky. Actually our neighbors had previously realized that what was important for snow plowing, they also had helped us which was nice.

But the last winter was completely different from the first one. We had deep snow everywhere in our lawn and tracks. We had consumed our huge time to remove the snow which was really very hard.

What happens in the snow is really perfect to get rid of it as quickly as possible in areas to be careful. Otherwise, the temperature will rise, dissolve the snow in a disaster and even freeze it and replace your property in an ice rink.

We know people who have fallen snow in their driveway up to three meters, then the rain comes, making it impossible for the snow to be removed from their own equipment. If you have resources (or meaning to find) to get rid of the snow right away, do it and your future self will be grateful!

Even if they can be an investment in advance, they are destined to spend many years and benefit from many families (maybe you can get more money by plowing with neighbors!).

Have the snowmobile easy to push

One of the best tools on our winter site is our snowmobile. Kate really grew up in a place where snow in the winter could be 10 feet deep, and it’s a tool used by locals!

Lawn Service Birmingham AL is easy to push when the snow is beautiful and fluffy and makes snowy areas bigger. I think these will be perfect for cleaning small ramps, paths, sidewalks or other small areas where snow is not required. Before we get a snow plow, we clean up our long journey, but need more than one hour of repetitive work: a great exercise if you think it’s “soft” in the winter!

Have a nice snow blower or snow blower

Even with a snowman and a snow plow it is important to have a kick that is good for making snow. While we try to get rid of things before the snow comes, sometimes we need to remove things like hoses or pipes. Teams and scouts are not good at such practices because they are not very accurate.

You can use a shovel of this type that is perfect for pushing the dried snow, but if the snow is too wet or cold, you may need to use a professional lawn service. Again … when snows, the key is to do it early and often, so that the snow has no chance to develop or melt. Nothing worse than removing wet and heavy snow!

Keep plenty of salt in your hand

Depending on the winter, it may be a good idea to have large salt cubes available. Although we keep our entrance and the sidewalks, sometimes the temperatures are hot, the sow gradually melts and then freeze again in the form of ice.

It creates a good ice rink in the driveway, but you can imagine it’s a great way to get to your back (yes, it happened more than once). Do yourself a favor and keep some salt around if things are so uncertain. Ideally, you must remove the snow before you have the opportunity to change in an ice rink, but sometimes it is not possible.

Plan ahead to unload the super snow

Another thing that’s not easy to think until late is when you can throw the excess snow that has been removed. In urban areas it may be more difficult, but we are lucky that we have a great amount of space in our properties. We have many different places where we throw our snow, but they are both far from the traffic of the car on the site. Snow accumulations can grow pretty much in winter, so plan wisely. I said that, on this weekend we got 30 “snow for two days, and we had snow fast where it fit! Finally we pushed a lot of snow for our further pile of wood fuel (we have plans for next year’s pile) to avoid it Do what we say … unlike us!

Keep ice cream in your car

If you are used to living in a cold climate, this is probably a good idea for you, but it was not my first year that I lived in a place that really came back! The windshield ice is not good. Because we live in the grid (we are not obliged to public facilities) we have solar energy and it is important to keep solar panels clean. Ice crabs work well on it, so Professional Birmingham Lawn Care can remove ice without damaging them, and so we continue to get the free energy from the sun. Ice cores are often two-sided: a knife and a brush. The blade is perfect for ice cream and the brush is good for snow powder … our favorite because the temperature is cold!

Put Stacks With Oprit Depending on the amount of snow you’ve got and how your driveway is in your land, it might be a good idea to install the driveway at bets like this one! Jesse’s uncle was really surprised at us by putting reflectors along our entrance, and they were splendid in the snow because we could see where the edge of the entrance was over.

Remove the snow quickly

The best way to remove the snow, which we can really offer, is to eliminate the snow quickly and frequently. There is nothing worse than having snowballs in areas where it is not supposed to be when the temperature rises.  Snowplows and snow scoops are also working well, but not when the snow is on the ground to be removed. It is best to plow only a few centimeters at a time, which should be managed in most climates. Once we get a decent snow, we will work to clear the driveway, clear the trails, clear the snow from our outer terrace and clean the snow from the outside of the stairs. This prevents the snow from being completely governed, so it does not accumulate and does not stay in time! do not be lazy

Have a solid and live winter dress in your hands

Since lawn pros is part of our lives in winter months, we are definitely investing in high-quality winter clothing. We do not want to limit our clothes, but to invest in things that help us improve our work.

Extra tip: Remove the snow during the coldest days to avoid the stress and to work smarter, not harder.

Do not remove the snow when it’s hot outside, even if it means you need to clean the snow at night or in the morning!  We are often in the dark snow and it is surprising we really enjoyed it! It’s a good move to winter when we’re busy with our company all day.

In summary

In the end, avoiding all the suggestions, we always go back to the idea of ​​quickly and frequently removing snow. If you do this as soon as snow, it should not be too fast for you unless you’re in snowboarding style like the last weekend! We hope you find these snow removal and Lawn Maintenance tips useful and if you have anything you want to share.

We want to get some of those ideas and add this page to be the best resource! Do you like this message? If so, help us make more of them! We work hard to get you the best possible content. Discover how to support our blog here without spending a dime!

How to Make a Beautiful Lawn in Winter

Beautiful Winter Lawns

Having a great looking lawn in winter is often thought of as an impossibility for many people, yet as we drive around town we can’t help but notice that for many other lawn owners, the concept is merely a myth. The proof is seen in lush green carpets of lawn at a time when many other lawns are in a state of decline, lacking in color, bare patches and thinning out of the thatch layer.

So what’s the secret of Lawn Care Birmingham AL, what are these miraculous gardeners doing in winter that we are not, that can produce results of such diversity?

Why Winter Is A Problem For Lawns

For most lawn owners in USA, we grow Warm Season Grasses for use as our lawns, which means in warmer weather, the grasses thrive, and as the weather cools, they go into a state of very slowed growth or in some cases, a state of semi-hibernation.

According to the Lawn Service Birmingham AL Without the rapid and regular growth associated with warmer weather, grasses will lose their dark green color, and will become slower to re-grow and repair damage. As the position of the sun changes in the sky and increases shade, and when combined with lower daylight hours and a reduction in direct sunlight and lower soil temperatures, lawns will generally be at their most vulnerable and unable to repair or maintain good health as well as they can in warmer times.

Lawn Care Trussville AL

The Secret To A Beautiful Lawn In Winter

A beautiful lawn in Winter is created in Autumn, PRIOR to the onset of Winter.

That’s the secret! And it’s very simple.

Once Winter arrives, there is very little if anything much at all that can be done to bring a lawn to good health, or to maintain it there if the grass wasn’t already in maximum health prior to Winter arriving. Birmingham Lawn Care can give you a amazing lawn care services and make your lawn and garden very beautiful.

The Steps To Increasing Lawn Health In Autumn

Realize and be aware of the importance of the lead-up to Winter as being the only time to create a beautiful Winter lawn and act accordingly.

Increase Mowing Heights

As daylight hours decrease so does the ability of lawns to photosynthesis, by increasing mowing heights and leaving more green leaf we increase the food supply to the grass. This step is essential, and taking the mower up a notch or two should suffice.

Decrease Watering as Air and Soil Temperatures Decrease

Over watering at this time of year can increase the possibility of turf diseases or rotting of the thatch layer.

Treat Winter grass

If we had Winter grass last year, we’ll have it again this year too, and its continuing existence can choke the root system of our lawn throughout the year. Winter grass must be treated when it’s young, and the very best time to treat it is pre-emergent. That means knowing that Winter grass will soon emerge and killing it before it is even seen. Winter grass can be treated pre-emergent from May.

Fertilize Correctly

This means having a plan for fertilizing at the right times with the right fertilizers. Put down a high quality lawn pros Winter Fertilizer in May prior to Winter arriving. The next application of Winter fertilizer should be in July, 8 weeks later. Apply to manufacturers recommendations. Winter fertilizers contain higher levels of Iron which is essential for good lawn health through Winter.

Kill Winter Weeds

Generally broad leaf weeds will become more prominent in Winter as conditions for their survival improve, and as the ability for the lawn to fight against them decreases, best to treat them as early as possible before they spread.


Overgrown trees and bushes may increase their shade levels in Winter, and by the time we notice that our lawn has started dying in affected areas, it can be too late to repair the damage. So it’s best to plan ahead and prune trees and other bushes in Autumn.

Winter Lawn Care and Late Fall Tips

In most parts of the country, the grass is inactive or growing slowly in the fall and winter, but it is still a good time to do some basic Lawn Care Birmingham AL maintenance work. No matter where you live, you can take steps to prepare your grass for spring.

Caring for the South

Winter lawn care is a fact of life in the south. Hot-season grasses become dormant and turn brown in the coldest areas of the Lawn Service Birmingham AL. If you want a green grass in winter, the annual rasp ace is overlooked in October. Water the lawn three times a day until it is at least one centimeter long. Cut once a month during the winter.

In the warmer regions of the grass will remain green and grow as you water it. Mow the lawn with your knife ½ to 1 in. Higher in winter than in summer.

All southern lawns benefit from additional watering in winter. Give the herb 1/2 to 1 in. Water per week, unless it rains.

Care for the Middle East and Northeast

In warmer areas of the Midwest and Northeast, the lawn will look better during the cooler fall and spring weather. Last frozen in October in preparation for winter. Cut the grass every two weeks until it stops growing, which can be as late as November. Then cut the last time with the mower 2 in.


What you do in winter around the grass can affect health in spring and summer. Before the snow falls, use the effort to mark the edges of your ramp and sidewalks so that you plow when plowed, not the lawn. According to the Lawn Maintenance Birmingham AL slide the walkways first and then scatter the fusing chemicals so you do not flush the chemicals in the lawn, which will damage the grass. You can also use sand or trash instead of chemicals. Finally, wait for the snow to melt and drain the ground to walk on the lawn. If you walk on a soft grass, it compresses the soil that will damage the grass.

Look after the Mid-Atlantic

The Peoria area is a transition area for lawn care and Alabama Weed Identification. If your lawn is mainly planted with fresh season herbs like Kentucky bluegrass, fescue or eternal rogras, it stays green and will grow during winter. However, it does not have to fertilize after October. When the grass begins to see raggedy, it mows. Herbs planted with warm climate grasses fall asleep and turn brown in winter. You can enjoy Bermuda grass seeds and zoysia grass with annual rye grass. The water sows lawns once a week in winter. Once a month during the winter unsorted lawn. Sleeping does not mean death unless the water all winter!

The grass may look like it does not matter, but it still lives. Make it good in winter and you will be rewarded with lush green growth in spring.

7 Fall Lawn Care Tips

Autumn is here and the climate is cooler, changing the leaves and a period of time when nature is preparing for another winter season.

To make sure your lawn is ready for the winter chill, we have put together 7 Alabama Lawn Care tips to help you prepare your lawn.

1- Do not leave the leaves behind: It is important to remove the leaves from your lawn before the rainwater establishes them and damage the grassy areas. If you have a compost pile, cut the blades and mix them. Or, if the leaf cover is light, it is simply cut.

2- Know your green size: If you are not sure of the size of your lawn, go to www.alabamalawnpros.com. Write your address and start exploring the boundaries of your lawn. This website gives you a good idea of ​​how much grass and garden space you have, so you can buy the right amount of products.

3- Do a soil test: Test your soil using a soil test kit to know what nutrients your soil has or does not have. This information allows you to correct any irregularities in your floor. Remember that a healthy lawn starts with a healthy soil, just like a sturdy home needs a good foundation.

4- Use a winter grass fertilizer: Although the growth of the grass is delayed, the roots are stored energy for the winter. Fertilizes at the beginning of November with a natural fertilizer and common weeds in alabama; If you exceed your lawn this year, do these two activities at the same time. The purpose of this fertilizer application is to help your wintertand nutrients for a healthier, greener, spring come grass.

5- Airing and planting the lawn: Plant grass seed in early autumn when the temperature fluctuates around 75 ° C during the day. To obtain the best results in spreading the seeds on a currently established lawn, aerate the soil, spread its seed and then with water. We recommend starting the seed with a seed initiator. Seed enhancers accelerate germination and increase root growth in all plants, including grass. Core aeration can be done by hiring the equipment or by paying a professional to do it for you.

6- Weed control with good mowing: Weed seeds germinate both in autumn and spring. University and private research firms have proven the fall pre emergent, year after year that proper mowing can only control up to 80% of potential weed problems on your lawn. Cut your lawn high, keep your blades sharp and reap your grass only if necessary.

  • Pre-emergent herbicides act to prevent sperm, so do not do well after weed grows. They are best used as a preventive treatment of patches in well-known patches, during the winter or summer season.
  • Post-emergent herbicides work by killing growing plants, primarily by disrupting chemical processes such as photosynthesis, protein production or root growth. They are best applied when the plant is actively growing and in the fall when plants store nutrients at their roots. This allows the herbicide to swell quickly in the roots where it is most effective. Post-emergent herbicides can work in contact (only kill the vegetation they touch) or systematically (absorb and kill the entire plant).
  • Selective herbicides are only targeted at certain plant types by identifying specific enzymes or other plant chemicals. There are often selective herbicides designed to target monocotyledons or dicotyledons by lawn service birmingham al.
  • Non-selective herbicides kill all plants that are in contact and should be used on site only.
  • Total plant herbicides kill all plants and sterilize the soil for a certain period of time; should be used with great care.

7- Known rules of your state: Some states have fertilization restrictions that need both owners and professionals. Before applying fertilizer to your lawn, check local laws on timing and nutritional restrictions.

Your lawn is an investment and can not only give you a sense of pride, but it can add value to your property if you keep it. This is a good time to start a DIY lawn care program, so be sure to consider us in your mix!

If you are wondering about additional ways to prepare your lawn for autumn, please contact lawn care birmingham al. We are happy to answer any questions.

Basic Lawn Care Tips

Planting a new lawn is a good adventure: Preparation and planning are important. No matter what vegetable method you are going to use, you should thoroughly prepare the area to prevent weeds and ensure that the soil is not immediately coated or become compact lumps. DIY-proof children are available in child care and catalogs, or you can take advantage of the test offered by your lawn pros. It may seem like a nuisance, but tasting your land will save you from dumping money on land.

Green lawn maintenance

Start with stripping the area of ​​all weeds, including carrots, even if that means taking the top six inches. Then rototiller to a depth of at least six centimeters to lose denitrification and improve drainage. It is extremely important to add silt and compost to enrich the soil; Many experts suggest that even parts of clay, sand and their original vegetable soil are mixed. You are better off in the long run if you take a slight slope to facilitate drainage and prevent buildup. Finally, use a roller to pack the floor and arrange the area with a metal rake. Be as complete as you can – remember, if you have put your seed you can not go back and reign. Feel free to consult with your locals such as common weeds in Alabama.


To sow the seed

No problem, but running a soft carpet is the fastest way to a beautiful lawn. But this can be so expensive, especially if your lawn will cover a large area. The alternative sows the area itself, either by hand or by a method called hydrosiembra, which has recently become popular. Used long time by farmers to plant large fields, watering solves one of the main problems with the seed of the hand: even the propagation of the seeds. Grass seed – a blend of mixed varieties for your climate and the type of use your lawn is – is blended into a pulp made of virgin wood fibers, fertilizers and binders.

Shaving and haircut

When it comes to sharing congealment, the first on the lips of many gardeners is cutting height. Most people cut their lawns too short, as grass stretches. The higher grass promotes better root development, says Robert (a professional gardener), in addition to shading the soil so it does not dry out so quickly. An additional advantage: the larger grass blocks the sun that the weeds need to germinate. And I do not think leaves of grass any longer to cut. “here is a big misconception that many people have when they are shorter, which they should not cut so often. But that’s absolutely false, it’s refreshing so fast you do not always keep it and do not hesitate to contact with your local professionals such as birmingham lawn care.

Water, Water everywhere

Water only once a week, but deep water “is the rule according to Paul. A weekly soaking helps expand deeper roots in the soil, while shallow watering tends to reed, that ugly brown corridors Depressing the water can also prevent chinchbugs, a plaque that often attaches to dry lawns across the middle section of the country.To find out how much water your lawn needs, consider your soil type: soil Sandy drips faster, while clayey soils keep moisture longer and do not need water as often.

For a freshly planted lawn, water every day for 5 to 10 minutes. Its purpose is to moisten the seeds without causing drains that can be washed or avoided with the veins. After the seeds sprout and the new grass is half an inch long, water once a day for 15 to 20 minutes.


Please, join me

Even the healthiest turf is hungry and needs a hearty meal. Twice a year, spring and autumn, the minimum minimum of most experts is recommended for fertilization, although some are fed in the middle of summer. But beware of the common N-P-K (nitrogen-phosphate-potassium) fertilizers that are popular with most trussville post office hours gardeners, says Robert; They do not offer all you need hungry grass. Instead, it advises a complete fertilizer that includes micro nutrients like sulfur, copper and iron. “Like having a multivitamin, your herb should have one too,” says Robert. In addition to regular fertilization, it advises a dolomite lime application every few years. This is because irrigation and fertilization cause the soil to become acidic over time and lime restores pH, while important minerals such as calcium and magnesium return to the soil. In some western areas, soils are naturally alkaline and do not have this problem, so it is best to first test soil pH.

Weeds are leaving

Without a doubt, the grass is the work of the existence of every lawn gardener. But that does not mean that herbicides are essential for a healthy lawn; In fact, many experts avoid them. The real secret to banning weeds, they say, is to grow such a healthy herb that obviously expresses to the invaders. Regular mowing also helps because it comes from weeds such as dandelion and grass before they can spread their seeds. If you have been forced to fight against a weed path, Paul recommends the use of one of the new “natural” herbicides that derive their potency from corn gluten, fatty acid salts or other non-chemical sources.

Air supply

When the grass becomes compact, the nutrients can not penetrate the root system where they need it most. There is aeration in the lawn to improve oxygen circulation. Most people fly with a simple tool that looks like two hollow tubes at the end of a long handle. Of course, you can also roll around your lawn in sports shoes with birmingham lawn maintenance tips – it works well too.

Types of grass

Some lawns have finer textures (think golf courses), while others feel like Astroturf under their feet. There are hundreds of types of grass available, and new varieties are developed annually.

As with all plant options, climate plays an important role in determining what type of grass is best for you. Soil type, rainfall and other factors are also included. In general, cold season grass will fall asleep during hot weather and warm season varieties will go to sleep in the colder months of the year; In areas where green grass is all year round, you want a mix of both species. “I lived in seven different states and had seven different lawns,” says lead gardener John Griggs, who believes a local nursery is one of the best sources of information on what type of grass works best in his area.

Gardening Tips for Late Summer

Here are some simple gardening tips for late summer to keep your landscape looking great suggested by Alabama Lawn Care. Our gardens take summer vacations in a manner of speaking. When temperatures exceed 90 degrees and the days begin to shorten after summer solstice, and rain is only an occasional afternoon shower, plants take a break. Growth stops, flowering slows or stops and pollen dries quickly for fruit to set on the garden vegetables. Plants go into a heat or drought dormancy. Think of it as a summer break rather than a loss.

When the garden goes on vacation here are some essential Birmingham Lawn Care and gardening tips to keep in mind:

1. Don’t over water. If the plant is not actively growing, over watering will cause roots to rot and fungus is grow.

2. Don’t over fertilize. The plants can’t take up the fertilizer if they are on break.
3. Don’t expect full bloom in the garden in high summer unless you have only tropical plants.

4. Give your potted plants a bit of shade, if possible. Thin pots can heat the root zone to over 100 degrees.

5. Enjoy the shade of a big oak tree. If you don’t have one, make a note to plant one this winter.


It is all too easy to err on the side of over caring for your garden instead of the right measure of care. We forget that plants have been around for many thousands of years and have survived and thrived through all manner of weather and soil conditions. Many plants are surprisingly resilient and the best care you can provide is less than you imagined.

Lawn Care Birmingham AL Gardening tips for late summer may seem counter intuitive yet, in my experience, they have proved to keep my own garden and those of my clients thriving for many years. This is a case where less really is more when more (too much water and too much fertilizer) would challenge the health of your lawn, shrubs, and flowers.

Late Summer Annual Gardening Tips

Sometimes, when we get to the end of a long, warm summer, it seems like there’s nothing to do but give up. In August, the garden may look tired and stained. There are some things that can now be done to revive the garden.

Now is a good time to look around and see where the ‘blank’ spots in the garden are; To see how much of the flowering garden is missing. We often see this in white blotches because all the plants we bought in the spring, the bloomers of spring or early summer were. Now Alabama Lawn Care can go to your local garden center and pick some plants that bloom in late summer and early fall. Planting at this time requires special care, as temperatures can be high and precipitation may be low. New plants need regular watering so they can identify good ones.

Looking at the garden that we have already established, there are some things we can do to keep it in good condition. Irrigation should be our main concern. It is essential to keep plants constantly during the summer. On average, plants need one centimeter of water per week and it is best to give the whole inch at a time. A good deep watering once a week will help the plant to develop a deep root system and gives the plant a good reservoir of water it can draw. Avoid regular spraying as it does not thoroughly wet the floor. During very hot weather we can every five days a week instead of every week of water set available water. The climate and the environment of the plant will require water needs. Keeping plants in water causes them to grow well and look good.

Lawn Care Trussville AL

Mulch can play an important role right now in the garden said by Birmingham Lawn Care. Mulch helps retain water, keep root systems colder, and reduces weed problems. At this time of year you check your coat to see if it is still intact or has degraded to a thin layer. A 2-3 inch coating of coating is a good amount. Unless that could be enough to do the job. If your hair is low, then go ahead and add a little.

The subject of fertilizers is always produced in a debate about gardening. The question now is: “Are my plants plastic?” The end of summer is not always a good time for fertilizers. Plants often will not help you with heat and drought stress and fertilizers. In some cases, it can even be harmful. Plants in dry soil can burn their fertilizer roots, even if the correct amount is used. If a plant is dry, give it what it needs – water and store the manure for another time.

If some of their perennials become brown or bruised, they are trimmed and given a little water to encourage new growth. Many perennials respond favorably to these treatments and if there are one or two steps, at least a glimpse of the garden has been removed. Plants that do not grow back, will do so in the next spring of the root system. Lawn Care Birmingham AL has years of experience to deal with the gardens specially in any emergency conditions.


Deadheading can also enhance the appearance of the afternoon summer garden. Remove the flowers that are used to keep the garden tidy. You may not want to end everything dead, especially if you are trying to naturalize plants or if you are trying to attract birds. Know your goal and then select dead plants.

One last job, and the fear many gardeners have, is weeds. Sometimes our final gardens of the season looks bad because the weeds have been set foot. Get out and get the weeds out of the garden and it immediately starts to look better. Also their perennials grow better without competition from weeds.

Do not let the summer end what you figure in your garden. With a few simple steps, Lawn Service Birmingham AL can keep the whole season beautiful and productive.

Lawn Care in Late Summer and Early Fall

Managing the lawn in late summer and early fall is essential. Good practices can help maintain a vigorous lawn or revive a sloping lawn. These practices include cutting, fertilization, scarification, aeration, weed control and planting.


It produces a clean and well looked after appearance. Cutting inappropriate grass causes many problems.  Grass such as Kentucky bluegrass, perform best in cool spring and fall weather. Bluegrass lawns are usually at a height of 3 cm cut during the hot and stressful summer. According to the Alabama Lawn Care mowing should do with lower lawn mower when temperatures are cool in late summer. Cut bluegrass in 2 to 2 1/2 inches during fall. Mow often enough for no more than a third of the total surface area of ​​the leaf. Keep sticking to the stops and the grass that grows sleep in late fall one (early and mid-November).

Cut the new bluegrass lawns seeded at a height of 2 to 2 1/2 inches as soon as you reach 3 to 3 1/2 inches in height. Mowing the lawn does not miss anything, promotes spreading and promotes thicker grass


The end of summer and fall is an excellent time to fertilize the lawn. Apply 1 to 2 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet.


Removal of straw

Straw is the layer of dead and living plant material that forms between the bottom surface and the green foliage. When coating is present in amounts greater than 1/2 inch, scarification may be advantageous. Cutters and vertical motorcyclists, available at many rental companies and garden centers, fine grass and remove the cane to the underside. The remains The grass was then cut and discarded. Removal of the straw can be done in late August or September. Birmingham Lawn Care suggest to allow at least four weeks of good growth time after unpacking. This gives time to regain the lawn before it is inactive in late fall. Apply fertilizer after unpacking the manure to promote lawn recovery.


Lawns that are subject to heavy foot traffic, may be thin by compaction. Leave the soil compressed in late August or September with a machine with hollow metal tubes or teeth that remove dirt plugs from the lawn. Avoid pee-type devices only holes in the lawn. Fail to touch or cut soil samples after aeration. Then add fertilizer to restore the grass. Lawn Care Birmingham AL has worked on these fields from years and have good worth.


Blue weed control

Most herbicide wide-leaf products consist of a mixture of two or three of the following chemicals: 2,4-D, dicamba, MCPP and triclopyr. Applications of broadleaf herbicide fall are safer and more effective than spring or summer applications. In the fall we move perennial carbohydrate weeds to their roots.

According to the Lawn Service Birmingham AL If a herbicide is applied to weeds, it will also trans-lated to the roots, resulting in complete destruction of weeds. Horticultural activity settles in the fall, it also reduces the risk of injury caused by herbicide drift for orchards and gardens, fruit trees and ornamental plants. Planting. The late summer or early fall is an excellent time to establish new lawns or thin or heavily damaged gardens. Sowing can begin in the middle of August and must be completed by September 30.

When to put down pre emergent

Many people just want to play but the products and continue to live. Do you think about it, is that so? As you are early enough, as mentioned above, there is no harm to get beyond pre-emerging. It can only get there early to get the grass party later if you start early.

So if you realize that your garden condition will likely require a second application, you need to get the answer of this questions, “when to apply pre emergent” breathe easier. But what if you are late? Remember about the timing of research in this article when you want to apply crabgrass blockers. Most of the information covers the broad leaf weeds and crabgrass care is emphasized.


The gardener as lawn care birmingham al wants to know specifically when a pre emergence should be used to do a little research. Ground temperatures begin to warm up in spring, the main indicator of the imminent arrival of different types of weeds. You can prepare by checking if resources are available in most states through its outreach program at the State University or County Farm agent.

Yes, even if you live in cities like TRUSSVILLE, there are a lot of useful information from peasant farmers! They write graphs or articles that provide the planned start date for common weeds in their traditional places.

It can be quite accurate by using a thermometer cheap floor. The test should be performed on the soil moist but not wet. Firstly brushing a hole with a sturdy shaft to prevent damage to the probe, but not too large since the ground should be firmly against the probe. Lawn Service Birmingham AL will suggest you to note the differences in different sunnier areas, drier and more exposed.

In some geographic areas is a autumn or winter application requirement. Sites related to the annual Bluegrass, to cover your lawn for the first autumn / winter recreation season. In some southern winter climate applications it is necessary to protect against crabgrass in January or February. Summer applications can be useful, even if necessary, in areas where some grasses are waiting for warm weather. Avoid plenty of places and explore when to put down pre emergent to stop for a second to get ready for some early herbs that can be grown at the same time, as ubiquitous dandelion.