Late Summer Annual Gardening Tips

Sometimes, when we get to the end of a long, warm summer, it seems like there’s nothing to do but give up. In August, the garden may look tired and stained. There are some things that can now be done to revive the garden.

Now is a good time to look around and see where the ‘blank’ spots in the garden are; To see how much of the flowering garden is missing. We often see this in white blotches because all the plants we bought in the spring, the bloomers of spring or early summer were. Now Alabama Lawn Care can go to your local garden center and pick some plants that bloom in late summer and early fall. Planting at this time requires special care, as temperatures can be high and precipitation may be low. New plants need regular watering so they can identify good ones.

Looking at the garden that we have already established, there are some things we can do to keep it in good condition. Irrigation should be our main concern. It is essential to keep plants constantly during the summer. On average, plants need one centimeter of water per week and it is best to give the whole inch at a time. A good deep watering once a week will help the plant to develop a deep root system and gives the plant a good reservoir of water it can draw. Avoid regular spraying as it does not thoroughly wet the floor. During very hot weather we can every five days a week instead of every week of water set available water. The climate and the environment of the plant will require water needs. Keeping plants in water causes them to grow well and look good.

Lawn Care Trussville AL

Mulch can play an important role right now in the garden said by Birmingham Lawn Care. Mulch helps retain water, keep root systems colder, and reduces weed problems. At this time of year you check your coat to see if it is still intact or has degraded to a thin layer. A 2-3 inch coating of coating is a good amount. Unless that could be enough to do the job. If your hair is low, then go ahead and add a little.

The subject of fertilizers is always produced in a debate about gardening. The question now is: “Are my plants plastic?” The end of summer is not always a good time for fertilizers. Plants often will not help you with heat and drought stress and fertilizers. In some cases, it can even be harmful. Plants in dry soil can burn their fertilizer roots, even if the correct amount is used. If a plant is dry, give it what it needs – water and store the manure for another time.

If some of their perennials become brown or bruised, they are trimmed and given a little water to encourage new growth. Many perennials respond favorably to these treatments and if there are one or two steps, at least a glimpse of the garden has been removed. Plants that do not grow back, will do so in the next spring of the root system. Lawn Care Birmingham AL has years of experience to deal with the gardens specially in any emergency conditions.


Deadheading can also enhance the appearance of the afternoon summer garden. Remove the flowers that are used to keep the garden tidy. You may not want to end everything dead, especially if you are trying to naturalize plants or if you are trying to attract birds. Know your goal and then select dead plants.

One last job, and the fear many gardeners have, is weeds. Sometimes our final gardens of the season looks bad because the weeds have been set foot. Get out and get the weeds out of the garden and it immediately starts to look better. Also their perennials grow better without competition from weeds.

Do not let the summer end what you figure in your garden. With a few simple steps, Lawn Service Birmingham AL can keep the whole season beautiful and productive.

Lawn Care in Late Summer and Early Fall

Managing the lawn in late summer and early fall is essential. Good practices can help maintain a vigorous lawn or revive a sloping lawn. These practices include cutting, fertilization, scarification, aeration, weed control and planting.


It produces a clean and well looked after appearance. Cutting inappropriate grass causes many problems.  Grass such as Kentucky bluegrass, perform best in cool spring and fall weather. Bluegrass lawns are usually at a height of 3 cm cut during the hot and stressful summer. According to the Alabama Lawn Care mowing should do with lower lawn mower when temperatures are cool in late summer. Cut bluegrass in 2 to 2 1/2 inches during fall. Mow often enough for no more than a third of the total surface area of ​​the leaf. Keep sticking to the stops and the grass that grows sleep in late fall one (early and mid-November).

Cut the new bluegrass lawns seeded at a height of 2 to 2 1/2 inches as soon as you reach 3 to 3 1/2 inches in height. Mowing the lawn does not miss anything, promotes spreading and promotes thicker grass


The end of summer and fall is an excellent time to fertilize the lawn. Apply 1 to 2 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet.

Removal of straw

Straw is the layer of dead and living plant material that forms between the bottom surface and the green foliage. When coating is present in amounts greater than 1/2 inch, scarification may be advantageous. Cutters and vertical motorcyclists, available at many rental companies and garden centers, fine grass and remove the cane to the underside. The remains The grass was then cut and discarded. Removal of the straw can be done in late August or September. Birmingham Lawn Care suggest to allow at least four weeks of good growth time after unpacking. This gives time to regain the lawn before it is inactive in late fall. Apply fertilizer after unpacking the manure to promote lawn recovery.


Lawns that are subject to heavy foot traffic, may be thin by compaction. Leave the soil compressed in late August or September with a machine with hollow metal tubes or teeth that remove dirt plugs from the lawn. Avoid pee-type devices only holes in the lawn. Fail to touch or cut soil samples after aeration. Then add fertilizer to restore the grass. Lawn Care Birmingham AL has worked on these fields from years and have good worth.


Blue weed control

Most herbicide wide-leaf products consist of a mixture of two or three of the following chemicals: 2,4-D, dicamba, MCPP and triclopyr. Applications of broadleaf herbicide fall are safer and more effective than spring or summer applications. In the fall we move perennial carbohydrate weeds to their roots.

According to the Lawn Service Birmingham AL If a herbicide is applied to weeds, it will also trans-lated to the roots, resulting in complete destruction of weeds. Horticultural activity settles in the fall, it also reduces the risk of injury caused by herbicide drift for orchards and gardens, fruit trees and ornamental plants. Planting. The late summer or early fall is an excellent time to establish new lawns or thin or heavily damaged gardens. Sowing can begin in the middle of August and must be completed by September 30.

When to put down pre emergent

Many people just want to play but the products and continue to live. Do you think about it, is that so? As you are early enough, as mentioned above, there is no harm to get beyond pre-emerging. It can only get there early to get the grass party later if you start early.

So if you realize that your garden condition will likely require a second application, you need to get the answer of this questions, “when to apply pre emergent” breathe easier. But what if you are late? Remember about the timing of research in this article when you want to apply crabgrass blockers. Most of the information covers the broad leaf weeds and crabgrass care is emphasized.


The gardener as lawn care birmingham al wants to know specifically when a pre emergence should be used to do a little research. Ground temperatures begin to warm up in spring, the main indicator of the imminent arrival of different types of weeds. You can prepare by checking if resources are available in most states through its outreach program at the State University or County Farm agent.

Yes, even if you live in cities like TRUSSVILLE, there are a lot of useful information from peasant farmers! They write graphs or articles that provide the planned start date for common weeds in their traditional places.

It can be quite accurate by using a thermometer cheap floor. The test should be performed on the soil moist but not wet. Firstly brushing a hole with a sturdy shaft to prevent damage to the probe, but not too large since the ground should be firmly against the probe. Lawn Service Birmingham AL will suggest you to note the differences in different sunnier areas, drier and more exposed.

In some geographic areas is a autumn or winter application requirement. Sites related to the annual Bluegrass, to cover your lawn for the first autumn / winter recreation season. In some southern winter climate applications it is necessary to protect against crabgrass in January or February. Summer applications can be useful, even if necessary, in areas where some grasses are waiting for warm weather. Avoid plenty of places and explore when to put down pre emergent to stop for a second to get ready for some early herbs that can be grown at the same time, as ubiquitous dandelion.

Pre Emergent For Lawns

Only a drop-type spreader confines the pre emergent for lawns. Broadcast type spreaders can fling out an herbicide in a dangerous manner, getting into areas where you don’t want or don’t need the protection.

Safety Tip

  • If you find yourself dealing with this as a likely issue, and need to keep it out of a flower bed where you want to plant seeds or annuals, have someone walk along with you and hold a large sheet of cardboard or heavy tarp that can deflect the granules so they spread into the desired area only.
  • If you have a relatively small area that needs to be treated, especially just a few bare spots here and there, some manufacturers as Lawn Care Birmingham AL of lawn and garden products offer a shaker can or shaker bag that is quite handy. You may be able to create one from a coffee can, by drilling properly sized holes in the top.


In all cases, the intent is NOT to cover the ground completely. You just want an even, consistent dispersal. In a square inch, you might only need a couple of granules, since typical application rates allow 1 pound to cover from 200 – 500 square feet. Read the Label Again! Calculate how large is your area! Plan your approach! and then start.

Some brands offer a Liquid Pre emergent in either a ready-to-use-spray bottle that attaches to your hose, or a concentrate to mix in your own tank sprayer. These are very convenient — a very quick way to apply the product to a large area. They are often more economical as well.

Pre Emergent Herbicides

When to apply pre-emergent

So when to apply pre emergent? this is very important question. Be very careful, however, if the lawn area that you spray abuts any location where you will be planting soon. And even though it is liquid, it will not work if it remains on the grass blades.

Whichever method you select, it is imperative that you water the product adequately to get it into the top soil layer. This does not have to be done immediately, but within the time indicated on the label, usually 1-3 days. Waiting too long exposes the chemical to light and/or heat that will diminish its potency.

You can irrigate the lawn area, or allow rain to water it in, as long as it will be a sufficient amount. In most cases, you need not worry about using too much water. The exception is with the organic corn gluten pre-emergent which can get over-diluted, unlike the chemical products.

Some brands offer a pre emergence liquid in a ready-to-use bottle that connects to the hose, or a concentrate to mix your own tank sprayer. These are very convenient – in a very quick way to apply the product in a large field. They are often cheaper.

Be careful if the lawn area that spuitt is a place where you can plants quickly. And while it is liquid, it will not work if it stays on the grassy leaves.

Lawn Service Birmingham AL can help you more but whichever method you choose, it is important that you properly drain the product to get into the top layer of soil. This may not happen immediately, but within the time stated on the label, usually 1-3 days. If you wait too long, the chemical is exposed to light and / or heat will reduce the force.

To water the lawn, rain or get out for as long as is going to be enough. In most cases, you do not have to worry about using too much water. The exception is with pre-emergent organic corn gluten that may be in overheating, in contrast to chemicals.

The merits of pre-emergent

You will be drawn by countless man hours repeated several times herbicides? We all hope for a better way to improve the appearance of our lawns. Pre emergent for lawns meet a group of garden products that provide a break from the worsening problem. No, there is no automatic salvation like “use once and forget about it.” But it is one of the most important weapons in the arsenal of gardeners.

Typical applications are in the early spring before the appearance of warm-season grass and fall for cool-season grass. The preventive herbicides may actually be beneficial for most of the growing season. Many herbs grow at different times, so repeated applications of appropriate chemicals to remove most of the grass on a lawn or garden. Please note that these benefits:

  1. Weed is removed permanently, because the seeds can germinate, and the young shoots dead. A pre-emergence is activated above ground where weed seeds germinated, and by design, the plant grows. This is a significant advantage in putting new flooring or coating layer to bury the bones. Weed seeds remain viable for years and waiting for a chance to climb. Kimberly Alabama break the cycle of constant re-growth of new grass.
  2. A minimum amount of work involved in the installation of a granular, or a liquid version. chemicals are activated by applying water, usually within a few days, enough to swallow the earth. You can stay on the ground effectively for several months to several weeks, depending on the ingredients and their concentration. This advantage comes at the right time when so many other activities like gardening or need to.
  3. According to the lawn care birmingham al this is the easy to sell any remaining weeds that escape this treatment. (The poachers surrendered deliberately and staff with a sense of accomplishment, because it finally has the upper hand!). The important thing is that you can walk the rest of the population weeds before they go to seed. Without relying on a pre-emergence to reduce pollution, it always seems to be a losing battle to kill the weeds before any reproducing.
  4. Each successive need to spray the herbicide reduced after out-season and hopefully not. The ideal state to completely eliminate the weeds also have to take other steps to make your grass, healthy, thick and strong, and to be able to compete with any challenger. Many yards alien infestations, the need to continue herbicide continue. However, the advantage is yours.

Lawn Maintenance Birmingham AL is a trusted Lawn Care company specializing in weed control & fertilization & has been providing exceptional services, reliablity & great price in results to Trussville, Springville, Clay, Pinson, Odenville, Gardendale, Morris & Kimberly, AL. A beautiful lawn is the desire of most homeowners, however many homeowner’s are unable to achieve the desired lawn care results on their own.

How To Reduce The Stress Of Your Lawn In The Hot Summer

Your lawn has a life and feels as if stress. The sun pushed him. People walk on it. You want to take care of thirst and weeds. Yes, it is difficult in the garden. But you can do some simple steps to Lawn Care Birmingham AL to help your grass to treat summer stress.

Stress Factors for Your Lawn

Heat, dry weather, and pedestrian traffic are important pressures for most types of grass. Others include weeds and insects, but they can be worse if you already suffer from grass.

Try not to step on the lawn

If you walk in the well water, the leaves of grass will go out. On a grass of dry grass is still affected, and can damage the lawn itself. In addition, to direct the wet traffic to soil contamination, causing the air out of the ground to the roots of the heavy foot on the ground. Birmingham Lawn Care allows you to work on common problems, so you can have the right solution.

Keep your blade sharp and high

Blades of grass dead leaves, so they lose more liquid than they would with a clean cut. The crushed ends turn brown, the grass is dull. Most grasses prefer to have high cut, so put your blade to the highest position on the mower. The grass grows deeper roots higher, and moisture can even reach deep roots in the soil.

Maintained in food

Large lawns do not grow, so feeding them will not help much. Instead, it is the warm and dry environment. Once the weather cools down and the rain returns, then re-feed to help catch up the lawn faster.

Make the water in the morning

Alabama Lawn Pros, LLC is a trusted Lawn Care Service Birmingham AL specializing in weed control & fertilization & has been providing exceptional services, reliability & great price in results to Trussville, Springville, Clay, Pinson, Odenville, Gardendale, Morris & Kimberly, AL. A beautiful lawn is the desire of most homeowners, however many homeowner’s are unable to achieve the desired lawn care results on their own.

The Right Time To Apply Pre Emergent

Highly qualified teacher Andrew James recently used a herbicide to come used on his lawn. He used the right product, but his timing was bad. It was given at least two weeks to come before herbicide instead the most common grass weeds had emerged, so the goal of applying a pre-emergent, was compromised. Now this question arises that “when to apply pre emergent?”.

As the name implies, for emergent herbicides should be applied before the weeds prevents them having real effect, as they work by preventing the seeds from germinating weeds in the first place. If you wait until after the emergence of weeds, the herbicide will have no effect. However, many unattractive people do well, which not only wastes money, but in many cases results in contamination of soils, groundwater and near rivers, lakes or oceans. (2).jpg

When To Apply Pre Emergent

A common misconception about the ideal timing for pre-emergent herbicides is that the application is coincident with certain events, such as daffodils or forsythias in flowering. In almost all areas of the country weeds have already been made at that time. To determine the best time of year to apply for pre-emergent, be careful when the weed germinates this year and add two or three weeks. So you should make a participation next year.

When to apply pre-emergent

Have you been pulled by hand by hand or repeated repetition of weed killers? We all hope for a better way to improve the appearance of our lawns. A group of garden products that offer a break to that exacerbating problem.  So we will talk about, when to apply pre emergent?

Typical applications occur in early spring for the emergence of the hot season weed and in the autumn before the cool season weed. These preventive herbicides can actually be useful during most of the growing season. Several weeds germinate at different times, so repeated applications of the right chemical can eliminate most of the weeds in a lawn or garden. Pay attention to these benefits:

  • The weed is permanently eliminated because the seed may germinate, and the young sprout is killed. So the answer of this question, when to apply pre emergent is that a PreEmergent is activated in the upper layer of soil, where the weeds germinate, and by the design, the plant stops growing. This is an important advantage over placing new soil or coating to bury the seeds. Weed seeds are viable for years and waiting for a chance to recover. Pre-emergents break the cycle of constant regrowth of new weeds.

  • A minimum amount of labor is involved in the application of a granular or liquid version. The chemical is activated by applying water, usually within a few days, sufficient to swallow it into the soil. It may remain effective in the soil for a few weeks to several months depending on the ingredient used and its concentration. This advantage comes exactly when there are so many other gardening activities you want or need to give.
  • Easily trade with any remaining weeds that escape this treatment. (These poachers set deliberately and personally give you a sense of satisfaction as you finally have the upper hand!) The most important thing is that you can drop the remaining population weeds before they go to seed. Without relying on a preemic agent to reduce contamination, it always seems to be a losing battle to kill every weed before it reproduces.
  • Each consecutive season is the need to spray a post-emerging weed killer and may have gone well. The ideal status to completely eliminate weeds would also require you to take other measures to make your grass healthy, fat and strong, and compete for any challenger. In many yards, due to extraterrestrial infections, the need to continue with this herbicide will continue. But the benefit will be yours.

Pre Emergent Herbicides

Preparing a beautiful lawn requires perseverance and patience when to spread pre-emergent. Herbicides are an important weapon in the arsenal of lawn weed control. There are two types of herbicides are commonly used: for emergence and post emergence. The names describe when the herbicide kills weeds. Pre-emergent eliminate weeds before germinating shoots soil. The post-emergent weed decimates actively and has already hit the ground. The post-emergent herbicides are used to control existing weeds in a lawn. It’s an ideal herbicide for spot-treating lone offenders. Here we talk about pre emergent herbicides.

Pre-Emergent Herbicides

These herbicides do not stop the weeds germ, but interrupt before an outbreak pushes through the ground. A common example of a pre-emergent herbicide is a preventive male leg that detects crab seed new plants. So to know about when to apply pre emergent weed control please read some secrets of success…

Secrets to Success

  • With pre-emergent herbicides, it’s vital to treat the entire lawn area. If you miss a spot, weeds can sprout there.
  • Most pre-emergents require watering in, even liquid forms applied using a hose-end sprayer. With liquid herbicides, the volume of water used to disperse the weed killer is not great enough to wash the material into soil, where weed seeds lie waiting to germinate. That’s why you have to water after application.
  • Use caution when applying pre-emergent herbicides to newly seeded lawns – or to areas you plan to seed. Read the label carefully. For most products, the label stipulates how many mowings, after seeding, to wait before application. The label also states how long to wait after application before sowing lawn seed.

Pre Emergent Herbicides

When to apply pre emergent

For pre- and post-emergent herbicides, it is crucial. While post-emergent herbicides kill weeds at any time in the growth cycle, you need the best success to spray young, actively growing weeds. Mature bad herbs may require repeated applications for mass slaughter.

So answer of this question that “when to apply pre emergent?” is that, you have to apply the chemical before the weed seeds begin to germinate time. If applied too early, these herbicides are broken and are useless as the seeds begin to germinate. Most emerging herbicides are active in the soil for six to eight weeks.

Sprouting of weed seeds when the soil reaches the correct temperature. The best way to determine the ideal time to pre-emergent currently applied is to contact your local extension agent or captain gardeners who have access to regional data bottom temperature.

Alabama Lawn Pros is committing to helping your lawn looked great through controlling weeds as well, as helping your grass grow thicker and healthier. Our detailed lawn care program includes two pre-emergent applications in the spring targeting summer weeds, as well as one pre-emergent application in the fall targeting winter weeds. The good news is that if your lawn has weeds this spring, our application also contains a post-emergent herbicide targeting existing weeds. So we know best timing when to put down pre emergent than any of other and this combination of pre-and post-emergent herbicides will be an important step toward helping your lawn reach its full potential.

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Lawn Care Trussville AL is here to guide about some aspects of lawn care & fertilization. Well what’s the first thing people see when driving by your house? Better yet, you live there; what do you see? We know that 8/10 people are unhappy with their yard’s appearance, but most people are not aware of how reasonable lawn care & landscaping services can be. Landscaping takes many forms, but none more basic than mowing. For most people, lawn mowing is a chore, and their yard ends up looking as good as they feel after cutting the grass. And since most residential grade lawn mowers only do an average job on cutting grass, you never achieve that professional look and feel you hoped for all along.

Trussville Lawn Care by Alabama Lawn Pros will ensure all your mowing problems are gone, and that gives you more time to spend your weekends how you want, not landscaping. Let us take care of your grass cutting needs. Our commercial grade equipment gives you that professional look all year long.

Lawn Care Trussville AL

Your lawn is your first chance to make a great first impression on your visitors and friends. Fertilization Trussville Al expert will take the time to get your yard looking its best. We believe in natural lawn care and using environmentally friendly products for the safety of your pets and children. Our exclusive equipment is extremely efficient, capable of applying fertilizer and treating every inch of your lawn. Our highly experienced work crews know the fastest way to the healthy green lawn that you want.

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Alabama Lawn Pros LLC, as well as some areas of life, many times it is easier to prevent a problem from starting than to resolve a problem that has already escalated.  So when to apply pre emergent? in lawn care, this is very important true in weed prevention. For example, it is much easier to prevent crabgrass from germinating than to eliminate crabgrass that is growing and healthy.  This is why a pre-emergent herbicide is so important.