How To Reduce The Stress Of Your Lawn In The Hot Summer

Your lawn has a life and feels as if stress. The sun pushed him. People walk on it. You want to take care of thirst and weeds. Yes, it is difficult in the garden. But you can do some simple steps to Lawn Care Birmingham AL to help your grass to treat summer stress.

Stress Factors for Your Lawn

Heat, dry weather, and pedestrian traffic are important pressures for most types of grass. Others include weeds and insects, but they can be worse if you already suffer from grass.

Try not to step on the lawn

If you walk in the well water, the leaves of grass will go out. On a grass of dry grass is still affected, and can damage the lawn itself. In addition, to direct the wet traffic to soil contamination, causing the air out of the ground to the roots of the heavy foot on the ground. Birmingham Lawn Care allows you to work on common problems, so you can have the right solution.

Keep your blade sharp and high

Blades of grass dead leaves, so they lose more liquid than they would with a clean cut. The crushed ends turn brown, the grass is dull. Most grasses prefer to have high cut, so put your blade to the highest position on the mower. The grass grows deeper roots higher, and moisture can even reach deep roots in the soil.

Maintained in food

Large lawns do not grow, so feeding them will not help much. Instead, it is the warm and dry environment. Once the weather cools down and the rain returns, then re-feed to help catch up the lawn faster.

Make the water in the morning

Alabama Lawn Pros, LLC is a trusted Lawn Care Service Birmingham AL specializing in weed control & fertilization & has been providing exceptional services, reliability & great price in results to Trussville, Springville, Clay, Pinson, Odenville, Gardendale, Morris & Kimberly, AL. A beautiful lawn is the desire of most homeowners, however many homeowner’s are unable to achieve the desired lawn care results on their own.


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