The Right Time To Apply Pre Emergent

Highly qualified teacher Andrew James recently used a herbicide to come used on his lawn. He used the right product, but his timing was bad. It was given at least two weeks to come before herbicide instead the most common grass weeds had emerged, so the goal of applying a pre-emergent, was compromised. Now this question arises that “when to apply pre emergent?”.

As the name implies, for emergent herbicides should be applied before the weeds prevents them having real effect, as they work by preventing the seeds from germinating weeds in the first place. If you wait until after the emergence of weeds, the herbicide will have no effect. However, many unattractive people do well, which not only wastes money, but in many cases results in contamination of soils, groundwater and near rivers, lakes or oceans. (2).jpg

When To Apply Pre Emergent

A common misconception about the ideal timing for pre-emergent herbicides is that the application is coincident with certain events, such as daffodils or forsythias in flowering. In almost all areas of the country weeds have already been made at that time. To determine the best time of year to apply for pre-emergent, be careful when the weed germinates this year and add two or three weeks. So you should make a participation next year.


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